What's up with Bowie, Maryland?  Here is a quick history.
1803-1873                  Founder: William Duckett Bowie  an American Politician was born at Fairview
                                   Plantation, Prince Georges County, Maryland. Owned Quarter Plantation (near
                                   Collington Maryland) a tobacco plantation holding a large number of slaves.
                                   Purchasing the interest of his siblings later owned Fairview Plantation and made home.

                          Gave birth to the child that would become Maryland's 34th Governor,                            
                                  Oden Bowie (1826 - 1894).

                          William Duckett Bowie was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates and
                                  served two terms. He later was elected to the Maryland Senate.

                          Oden Bowie becomes the First President of the Baltimore Potomac Railroad  and
                                  President of the Baltimore City Passenger Railway.

                          William Duckett Bowie obtained a charter to construct a rail line from Baltimore to        
                                  Southern Maryland and Washington, DC., named "Baltimore Potomac".

                 Fairview Plantation had as many as 100 Slaves. Tobacco Farming
(Civil War Era)           and Horse breeding created the revenue. Oden Bowie became involved with the
                                  Maryland Militia and as many as 70 slaves on Fairview Plantation joined the 
                                  Union Army.Thus earning the title of "Colonel" Bowie. As a side note Oden was a
                                  Captain in the Mexican-American War (1845-1847).

                          Oden Bowie becomes the President of the Pimlico Jockey Club and Maryland
                                  Jockey Club.
                                  Railroad and Horse racing places Bowie, Maryland on the map and
                                  expanded access to Southern Maryland by rail. As far as Popes Creek
                                  (Laplata,Faulkner, Newberg) in Charles County, Maryland.

                           The land was divided into 500 residential properties.

1902                         The rail line was purchased by "Pennsylvania Railroad" and the Washington, Baltimore              
                                 and Annapolis Electric Trolley line commenced in 1908. Trains ran hourly and in
                                 Bowie stopped at High bridge, Hillmeade and Racetrack.
                         The development and building of both Bowie Race Track and "Normal School",
                                 later to become "Bowie State University" for African Americans.

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